Alternatives to Traditional Policing

What is the future of public safety?


Cynthia Betubiza July is Disability Pride Month July 14, 2020 Garrison Redd was trying to catch the bus. He likes to travel around the U.S. to explore what’s outside his native New York.  He waited at the stop in Kissimmee, Florida. And the bus finally came. But the driver refused to let him on and…… Continue reading POLICING DISABILITY


        Following weeks of nationwide protests, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on Tuesday that includes reforms such as incentivizing police departments to update their practices (including proving that use of force policies obey local, state, and federal law, incorporating de-escalation techniques, etc), creating a database for tracking incidents of excessive…… Continue reading USE OF FORCE


June 9, 2020         This week, several House Democrats proposed new legislation to combat police brutality in the wake of ongoing protests. The Justice in Policing Act of 2020 outlines reforms such as the prohibition of racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling, a ban on chokeholds and no-knock warrants on the federal level,…… Continue reading QUALIFIED IMMUNITY