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The origin of the word “weird” has a a twisty, turny origin story, one with large implications for how we treat each other today.

Or you’ll miss it

The sky’s a warm blue, the type where the sun is about to slip back behind the curtain of midsummer–but not yet. It won’t set for several hours, but a twinkle of anticipation is there, like a firecracker about to go off.  “Any one of them could be her, or not be her, Carly,” Jeff… Continue reading Or you’ll miss it

Alternatives to Traditional Policing

Police exist to protect and serve the public. To defend and to ensure the safety of individuals and of communities. To stop and prevent crime. But in the wake of national, consecutive #BlackLivesMatter protests and continuous instances of unarmed Black people being shot by the police, serious debates about the nature of policing are now mainstream.


Garrison Redd was trying to catch the bus. He likes to travel around the U.S. to explore what’s outside his native New York. He waited at the stop in Kissimmee, Florida. And the bus finally came. But the driver refused to let him on and wouldn’t lower the ramp. Garrison asked the driver why repeatedly. But no… Continue reading POLICING DISABILITY


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