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Become All is an online publication dedicated to change. What are the policies that may need to change? What new changes are people already strategizing, brainstorming, implementing? What broader change should we aspire for, and what would that look like?

Created in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and renewed, nationwide #BlackLivesMatter protests, this publication analyzes not just the specific moments we are living in, but the foundational issues that have defined our entire existence thus far: climate change and the environment, healthcare, education, criminal justice, economic innovation, labor, food policy, and more.

About me: My name is Cynthia Betubiza. I am the Lead Reporter and Editor-in-Chief. I’m a Ugandan-American journalist, writer, and creative from Maryland, based in NYC. My work has appeared in NPR, Marketplace, TED, and more. I received my master’s from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and my B.A. in Journalism (minor in African Studies) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Go Heels!

And one more thing: The name of this site, “Become All”. I have always been deeply inspired by playwright Lanford Wilson. This is out of his play “Fifth of July.”

“And after they had explored all of the stars in the universe and all of the planets around each sun they realized they were alone, and they were glad, for they now realized they would have to become all of the things they had hoped to find.”

I believe this is what this time—and the rest of our lives—is about: becoming what we hope to find. Now, as Americans, we have to become (read:create) the country we hope to have, step by step.

Thanks for stopping by.

— Cynthia

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